Joy. Savory. Enchantment. There, you seek the most exceptional experiences, life’s pleasures. And, right here, we deliver. We strive to exceed your expectations, creating pleasure of life that is realized through the privileges and experiences our Club affords you.

From attentive services and tailored offers at over 200 merchants to opulent dining delights, hotel happenings, and tantalizing travel privileges, your every whim is what we work to satisfy.

Our Club is not just anybody’s club. And that is the exact reason why you are here.

Join us.

Henderson Club is a members-only loyalty programme operated by Henderson Club Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Henderson Land Development Company Limited.

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in the value of communication and we encourage social interaction among our members.


redefining modern living through our multi-faceted “Henderson Experiences”.

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Henderson Investment Limited

The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited

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Hong Kong Ferry (Holdings)

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Dawning Views Shopping Plaza Shopping Privilege
Double Cove Place Exclusive Special Offer
Fanling Centre Exclusive Special Offer
Flora Plaza Shopping Privilege
Grand Waterfront Plaza Special Offer
Green Code Plaza Special Offer
Ifc Mall Shopping Privilege
Kolour Tsuen Wan Exclusive Special Offer
Kolour Yuen Long Exclusive Special Offer
Kplus Mall Shopping Privilege
La Cite Noble Shopping Arcade Exclusive Special Offer
Marina Cove Shopping Centre Special Offer
Metro City Plaza Special Offer
Metro Harbour Plaza Special Offer
Mostown Shopping Privilege
Shatin Centre Shatin Plaza Shopping Privilege
Skyline Plaza Special Offer
Square Mile Phase 1 Exclusive Special Offer
The Sherwood Special Offer

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